Vendor Setup Info

Our venue is Monroeville Mall Time and Space Marketplace (located on mall directory) 200 Mall Blvd Monroeville, PA 15046

The event space is located on the JC Penney/ Dick's end of the mall, lower level, in the general area between the Dick's courtyard and Spencer's Gifts. Vendors will be inside of three storefronts, in close proximity to the Time and Space Store. Please enter the mall on that end and check-in in the lower level in that general area. You can find Time and Space Marketplace on the mall directory if you need more specific directions once entering the mall. After check-in you will be shown which storefront your space is located in and also directed to where to unload and move in your merchandise.

Load-in uses the dock area on back side of the mall located between Cinemark and the Penney/Dicks Mall Entrance. There is a freight elevator that must be used to move your merchandise down to the event spaces. This will be shown to you at check-in and you will be advised on which route is best for your location. Several carts will be provided to use for load-in.. You should first come inside and get your location and lay-of-the-land before unloading your items.

IMPORTANT: There are MANY vendors at this event and the load-in could get congested if everyone arrives at the same time. Thus we are offering a wide range of set-up times over two days. There will be set up times on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday September 29. If possible please try to set up as early as possible and you should allow at least an extra hour to your usual set up time as there could be waits on freight elevators, etc.. The vendor areas will be locked up overnight so your setup will be secure if you set up on Saturday.

Setup times are: Saturday, Sept 28, 5:00PM to 9:00PM and Sunday, Sept 29, 8:00AM to 11:00AM. If additional time is needed, please email us to request additional time.

You must be ready to operate by 11:00 AM on September 29 as that is our customer entry time.

Event Passes- Each space purchased will get two entry Wristbands. Each additional space purchased will get one additional wristband.

The dates and hours of vending are:

Sunday Sept 29, 11:00AM to 5:00PM

Please bring everything you need to build your displays. Booths come with one 6-foot tables per booth and two chairs. Please bring table cloth if you wish to use one. Additionally you must supply any other fixtures, shelving, racks, etc, that you may want to build your displays. If you plan to use electricity, please bring extension cords accordingly. Vendor spaces are 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep. You must stay within those dimensions and are not permitted to extend out into the aisles. We want to be sure they is adequate space for many customers to easily shop at your booth.


Time & Space Toys, 2023.